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1) Why should I Groom my dog?

Regular grooming reduces the risk of fleas, mites and ticks, enables regular health checks for lumps, bumps and parasites, removes dirt and grime from fur and skin, prevents knotting and matting of the coat, stimulates and promotes healthy coat and skin, improves socialisation and creates a manageable coat for your lifestyle/ less hair around the house.  Your dog looks and smells great.


2) My dog doesn't need grooming so is grooming a waste of time and money?

No clipping or trimming required? No problem. Enjoy the benefits listed above by having a regular wash and dry. Your dog and your home will smell delicious.


3) I’m worried as my dog has sensitive skin.

Your dog’s well being is my priority. A full medical history will always be taken before commencing a groom and any concerns you have will be discussed. If you wish to supply your own prescribed medicated shampoo this is not a problem. Alternatively I will select one of our specialist hypoallergenic shampoos designed for sensitive skins.


4) I've been to a groomer before and they do what they want not what ask for.

I will spend time with you before the groom to discuss your exact requirements and concerns. Each dog is assessed on arrival and the groom is carried out in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The welfare of your dog is paramount. All grooms wil be carried out according to your instructions subject to the condition of the dog and the coat. For example: if the coat is matted (heavily knotted) it might have to be clipped off to start again before the required style can be achieved, if this is in the dog’s best interest. It does sometimes take a couple of visits to get the exact style as you want it but I will always ensure that I follow your instructions as closely as possible providing it is in the dog’s best interest. Feedback on your groom is welcomed and can be noted on your record card ready for the next visit.


5) How long will my appointment take?

You may find your appointment takes longer than at other salons. This is because I take my time to ensure your pampered pooch is relaxed and you get the best possible service.


6) My dog doesn't like other dogs and is aggressive/anxious in their company.

Your appointment will be on a one to one basis unless you specifically request 2 dogs from the same family attend together( this is subject to the size of each dog). My dogs do Iive in the house but have no contact with the salon and are supervised. Your dog will be reassured throughout the groom and I will ensure your dog is not placed at risk by another dog.


7) My dog is old and I'm worried she will not cope with a groom.

I cater for elderly dogs and allocate extra time to the groom if necessary to allow for frequent rests. I also use a sink unit with a step up ramp and an electric table that lowers to the floor so that your elderly best friend does not have to strain or risk injury.


8) How old should my dog be to have a groom?

Your puppy is welcome as soon as it has been vaccinated and it is recommended that you attend regularly to assist socialisation and handling. Dogs under 6 months of age will not require clipping but can attend for a bath/dry and become accustomed to the salon equipment and area. Owners are also given instructions on the daily care required with certain coat types which include daily brushing (cockapoos / labradoodles). Please ask about our puppy taster sessions.


9) I have a short haired dog which doesn't need grooming.

All dogs benefit from grooming. Removal of shedding /top coat helps improve the coat condition and stops hair loss in the home.


10) Can I stay with my dog?

Owners are not encouraged to stay. The dog is often distracted and hard to settle when owners are present. To achieve a great result I must have your dog’s full attention.



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